First TGD Post Ever: Green Spinach & Moringa Smoothie + Amaranth Porridge

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This post is special. “Why?” you’d probably have wondered as you continued reading. Well, it’s special because… well, because in a way it started this whole Growing Dutchman social media experiment!

So without further ado, here it is:

“This admittedly not-so-glorious-looking-but-nutritionally-spectacular gluten free amaranth porridge, accompanied by an uberhealthy green Moringa smoothie will definitely get you through the day! If you don’t know what Moringa is, check out this short video I made the other day.”

Just to get an idea why this breakfast was so friggin’ special consider this:

The porridge alone contains amaranth (a gluten-free grain replacement that is high in protein, fiber and a bunch of other goodies), almond milk and coconut milk(dairy free), almond (source of Magnesium, Vitamin E and some protein), raw cacao nibs (source of good fasts, energy booster), flax seed (omega-3, fiber), coconut palm sugar (low-glycemic, mineral rich replacement for regular sugar), and virgin coconut oil (good for about ANYTHING).

In case you were still doubting: the green smoothie on the side is made of fresh baby spinach leaves (raw greens are essential in a healthy diet), fresh orange juice and the amazingly nutritious Moringa leaf powder (a superfood that contains all the essential amino acids, and is a great source of iron, potassium, calcium AND protein).

Got it? Yes, this meal was supercharged! So, let’s get to it and see what’s up:

(DISCLAIMER: I’m more of a ‘jazz/zen cook’ than a chef. This means I usually don’t keep track of the amounts of ingredients I use. I just toss stuff in depending on availability, taste and whatever feels right in the moment. Gladly, I wrote down this recipe a few weeks after I made it… In other words, the amounts I used for each ingredient may be a bit off…But not THAT much… Hopefully 😉 Just follow your intuition and everything should work out! And if it doesn’t, don’t despair, I promise you that my next recipes will be more accurate!)

And there you have it. The first post ever written on this blog.

Keep Growing y’all!

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