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As we embark on our journeys of permaculture design, minimizing waste, and sustainable living we are all looking for useful and inspiring information. I thought I’d save you some time and handpick some of the best videos, documents and websites that have inspired and helped me on my journey to go BEYOND sustainable. More useful resources will be added to this page all the time, so keep an eye on it!



  • the largest permaculture & homesteading site on the internet, with a very active and helpful community of users that address each others questions on various forums.
  • TreeYo Permaculture: created by my friend Doug Crouch this site is the only truly open-source permaculture course available online; essentially a PDC available as a blog.
  • the largest collection of permaculture articles in the world, curated by Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Research Institute (PRI).
  • also hosted by the PRI, Permaculture Global is a great interactive database of permaculture practitioners, teachers, consultants and aid workers from all over the world.
  • Wikipedia-type page with thousands of articles on sustainability, appropriate and open-source technology, and permaculture.
  • Plants for a Future ( fantastic free database where you can search for over 7000 edible and otherwise useful plants using a number of search criteria including common and Latin names, keyword, family, habitat and use (medicinal, edible or other).
  • a website dedicated to audio podcasts with practical insights and advice that you can put into action today.
  • David Holmgren’s site with good introductions on basic permaculture concepts, including the permaculture values and principles.


The books below make for a great starting point when getting into permaculture design, sustainable living, growing food, homesteading and much more.


The two in-depth studies below were part of my work for the Smallholder Farmers Alliance, Impact Farming and Timberland in Haiti. They aren’t short reads but for those interested in Moringa and sustainable cotton it might be worth taking a quick peek!

Haiti Moringa Study (2015)

Haiti Cotton Study (2016)

This podcast series by Darren Doherty

PODCAST: An Introduction to Darren Doherty’s Regenerative Agriculture

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