The Growing Dutchman Teaching Intro to Permaculture-> Permaculture Design: I practice and teach permaculture design. If you’ve never heard about permaculture, no worries, you’re surely not the only one! That said, you’re in for a treat because it’s pretty much the most complete toolkit to help you design and create thriving living environments (and lifestyles) that go WAY beyond sustainable. I’ll soon write up a post explaining the basics of permaculture, until then you can check out this video.

-> Freelance sustainable development. When time allows me to, I take on freelance jobs. Most of these somehow relate to my passions for developing systems that go beyond sustainable, social enterprise and creating lasting positive impact. Recent projects have included research about reforestation and smallholder farmers in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, designing and coordinating development (aid) projects, and communication campaigns in the context of post-earthquake Haiti. You can learn more about my projects here.

-> DIY Projects: in my free time I am an avid tinkerer, gardener and DIY-er, in particular loving to work with reclaimed materials. While my skills (and tools) for these projects are still developing I’m glad to share what I learn as I tinker along.

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I am Chris, a certified permaculture designer, sustainable development professional and DIYer. Join my mission to go beyond sustainable, one project at a time.

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