Finca Tierra Negra: Organic Cacao & Regenerative Agriculture in the Dominican Republic

Project Description

Finca Tierra Negra is an organic cacao farm located in the Cibao (La Vega), right in the middle of the agricultural heartland of the Dominican Republic. Once a model for successful organic cacao production in the region, the farm has fallen into disrepair during the past 15 years. With this project we aim to revitalize the remaining organic cocoa forest while simultaneously introducing various other crop systems based on permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and agro-ecological farming practices. The eventual vision is for Finca Tierra Negra to become a demonstration site for regenerative, agro-ecological practices that can serve as a transition model for farmers in the region.

Project Summary

Partners Finca Tierra Negra, CONACADO
Date Started May 2015
Status Running
Keywords Organic Cacao, Regenerative Agriculture, Agro-ecology

Where We’re At

Finca Tierra Negra is located near the town of Barranca, right in the middle of the Cibao (the Dominican Republic’s agricultural heartland). The farm covers approx. 60 hectares, 30 of which are made up by an organic cocoa forest.

Finca Barranca

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