Finca Mahoma: Sustainability Education Center in the Dominican Republic

Project Description

The main goal of this project is to develop Finca Mahoma, a Sustainability Education Center in the Dominican Republic. The vision is for the finca to be a working permaculture farm, lodge and community that is rooted in environmental sustainability, meaningful, place-based livelihoods, and caring relationships.

Our main goals are to inspire and promote sustainable living practices, support local food sovereignty efforts, and help play a role in the conservation of the ecosystem that surrounds us. We will do so by offering compelling examples of sustainable living practices in the tropics, including demonstrations of regenerative farming systems, permaculture design, and structures built using natural building techniques. Our programs include profound, innovative and authentic apprenticeships, residential workshops and guest experiences, with a focus on practicing, promoting and teaching about natural building, fermentation, permaculture design, renewable energy, agroforestry and more.

The finca is located on a former coffee plantation nestled in the mountains above the Dominican town Rancho Arriba. It encompasses over 50-acres of crystal-clear rivers, idyllic swimming holes, impressive trees, beautiful views, and a habitat for the area’s flora and fauna.

Visitors and participants will have access to trails, an extensive library, our working permaculture farm, and the tireless team who make the Finca such a unique place to learn.

Project Summary

Partners Pending
Date Started Pending
Status Pending
Keywords Sustainability Education, Regenerative Farming, Permaculture
Resources Coming Soon

Where We’re At

We are located near the small town of Mahoma, up in the mountains above Rancho Arriba.

Finca Mahoma

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